Beyond integrations of type "add-this", available in many repositories, our Social Network module includes a set of connectors with APIs integration with a selection of social networking applications.

We currently have three connectors available, each institution may select those it considers most appropriate for your strategy 2.0

Youtube connector allows the publication on the youtube profile repository of  video type ítems. The information on the video title, description and keywords are extracted from the DSpace item, for easeness and consistency between digital objects.

Twitter connector allows the publication on the twitter account of íítems publisheed in the repository. The system extracts the item title and url, to post this data in the Twitter profile.

The Disqus connector allows the incorporation of mechanisms of communication with the user community. The DSpace method of publishing news or other information on static pages is cumbersome and complex and does not allow user interaction. This module incorporates Disqus, 
a community platform, (used by thousands of commenting systems), allowing immediate publication of information by repository administrators, participation of users on  open conversations, scoring comments (rating ), nested conversations, ... etc.