The benefits from managing and sharing learning resources used in LMS systems (being Moodle its more successful and spread-out representative) through a digital repository platform, such as DSpace, can be considerable, being part of the strategy of managing the educational contents of an Institution.

The Moodle integration module, developed and commercialized together with the company OCU, Oficina de Cooperación Universitaria, leader in management integral solutions o for Universities, allows  the repository DSpace to be the deposit of the learning or academic material of the Institution, spreading to the Moodle systems the functionalities of Discovery, Retrievasl, Description and Deposit Therefore, DSpace can be used as the integrated tool for discovering, contribute and import content to the existing courses in Moodle.

In the Moodle syde the following functionalities are implemented:

  • Search of contents
  • Search of contents in specific communities or avoiding private communities.
  • Download of contents and incorporation to Moodle.

In the DSpace system, the central element of the solution is the Dspace REST interface, but extended to facilitate the basic functionalities of a repository:  searching, downloading and deposit of the content from external systems, such as Moodle. In addition, taking into account the characteristic of diffusion, usually restricted, of the e-learning materials, the subsystems of permissions-authorizations, seaching and licensing are modified substantially.