Our products are in accordance to specific developments that, in the form of pre-assembled solutions and ready for its deployment, incorporate in a quick way to its DSpace system a determined functionality.

We transfer the knowledge acquired in the projects of digital repositories to perfectly integrated solutions with the core software of the repository, guaranteeing the compliance of the best practices of architecture and development from DSpace. This way, it is ensured that the implementation of any of our products is robust, standard, capable of evolution and of high quality.

Please do ask for any more information about how are products can help you to differentiate and add value to your repository.

The digital preservation module gathers and structures a set of utilities for the management, detection and transformation of digital objects in a repository and adds the advanced capacities of verification, management and evolution of formats and files. This makes it a principal support tool for an institution’s digital preservation policies.  

Beyond integrations of type "add-this", available in many repositories, our Social Network module includes a set of connectors with APIs integration with a selection of social networking applications.

When considering audio or video material, native DSpace solutions, which involve downloading files to the user's computer and later playback, are not operative. For these materials we implement a framework for the execution of programs that allows reproduction without needing  the full download of the file, as well as re-positioning the playback cursor at any point in the footage, in pseudo-streaming mode.

This module gives  the authors and repository users the tool to monitorize and show access to the research literature. Expands with new reports the usage statistics of Dspace based on SOLR.  Incorporates the possibility of visualizing the data in a graphic way (in the standard version of DSpace only the tabular format is available).

This solution integrates a rich document viewer for pdf formats, specifically suited to magazines and other high quality printed publications. The display provides a vivid and real experience when reading the documents stored in the repository. The module is compatible with Dspace 3, 4 5 and 6, XMLUI.

The benefits from managing and sharing learning resources used in LMS systems (being Moodle its more successful and spread-out representative) through a digital repository platform, such as DSpace, can be considerable, being part of the strategy of managing the educational contents of an Institution.

The Moodle integration module, developed and commercialized together with the company OCU, Oficina de Cooperación Universitaria, leader in management integral solutions o for Universities, allows  the repository DSpace to be the deposit of the learning or academic material of the Institution, spreading to the Moodle systems the functionalities of Discovery, Retrievasl, Description and Deposit Therefore, DSpace can be used as the integrated tool for discovering, contribute and import content to the existing courses in Moodle.