The Oceanographic Spanish Institute, Instituto Español de Oceanografía, stores in e-IEO the research production of this Public Researching Organism (OPI) dedicated to the researching of sea sciences, especially what concerns to the oceanic scientific knowledge, the sustainability of fishing resources and the marine environment.




The works developed in 2013 include the migration of DSpace 1.7 to the versión 3.1, the implementation of an statistical advanced system with special attention to their visualization, the data treatment for the researchers Curricula, the implementation of an authority control system for the authors who belonged to the Institute, the consolidation of publications dispersed in other documental systems, the load from Open Journal System of existing publications and the modification of creative-common licenses flows.



In addition we give remote maintenance, service level 2, to the users of the repository as well as level 3, maintenance of the software infrastructure of e-IEO.