The “Karl C. Parrish” Library from the Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia, requested us about the implementation of extended functionalities of visualization of digital objects for the Manglar digital repository, and other additional DSpace instances, such as Hector Rojas Herazo Digital Library.

As well as different adaptations to its DSpace 3.1 XMLUI system, we would emphasize the implementation of a basic veiwer of digital objects (documents, videos, audio) in preview mode and/or pseudo streaming, it may be noted the implementation of a  flash viewer module of digital objects for pdf formats, specifically adapted to magazines and other high quality printed publicationsf, providing a vivid and realistic experience of the reading from the stored documents. It can be seen here an example of the implementation.



Among other functionalities incorporated to this viewer, there is the possibility to page, to do zoom & panning, change between visualization of single-page and multi-page, access to a specific page, print, turn the page mode, etc. The ingest and visualization systems of DSpace were adapted (thorough tasks of specific curation) to minimize the impact in the operative of the repository and the response times during visualization.