Tecnalia Research & Innovation Foundation asked us to create its Repository of Research results, Tecnalia Publications, including design, installation and configuration of  DSpace version 4.

Its strengths are the attractive design and suitability for mobile devices, featuring to the look&feel of Tecnalia Foundation to achieve greater uniformity with the rest of the institution. Its structure is hidden to unauthenticated users, easing the repository search and browsing, without impeding the internal classification of the contents in each of Tecnalia Business Units.

Besides defining the structure of groups and permissions, the workflows review and approval were configured to facilitate work processes, licensing systems via Creative Commons were configured and some special requirements of embargoes were implemented.

The connection with Active Directory allows the authentication of users belonging to the institution, and important to notice is the configuration of the processes required for compliance with the OpenAIRE Guidelines as well with Recolecta, the Spanish Research harvesting network.