The  Institutional Repository Arias Montano collects the scientific and educational production from the University of Huelva, as well as from those institutions with which this University has established arrangements to raise visibility and guarantee its preservation in digital format. For the Library of the University of Huelva we did the migration of its Repository (in version 1.6) to version 4 of DSpace, applying the patches and the necessary updating about that version, as well as a series of additional settings of the functionality and operatiive of the Repository once the migration was done.

The main functionalities introduced in Arias Montano have been the replacement of the old Advanced Research of DSpace for the Discover Research based on filters; the inclusion of linking’s for authors; the incorporation of Google Analytics keys; the adaptation of OAI to European Semantic Elements; and the inclusion of altimetric info.

Also, it was activated and configured the step of assigning Creative Commons Licenses  in the items workflow, adapting this to the specifications of the University, offering the possibility of selecting directly the Creative Commons License recommended specifically. There were also adapted the input-forms file to adjust them to the new description necessities of the objects from the Repository.