The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Regional Governments through the respective Offices, manages REDINED, Database of Educative Information, containing researching, innovations, resources and journals from the national and international environment. With around 90.000 records nowadays, REDINED is the second Spanish DSpace repository taking into account the number of items (world ranking 21st position) as well as one of the major repositories of educative material in the world.

We did during 2012 and 2013 a project of evolution from a previous environment, based on the WinISIS UNESCO software, through its substitution by a DSpace 1.8, allowing the managing of the repository, facilitating its deposit, organizing them in communities, assigning metadata and allowing its research and unloading by users, as well as the spread of re collectors.

Due to the special size of Redined, certain characteristics orientated to the final user were implemented with special detail, such as Discovery interface and a strong personalization of the XMLUI interface, among other characteristics.

 In 2014 we have realized the migration of DSpace 3.1, additionally introducing improvements in the filters of the advanced search, the capacity to export to excel the results of a search, and the treatment of titles in several languages.