The Corporación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet, (University Corporation for Internet Development) CUDI, ask our assistance in the evolution project of its Dspace Video Library, Videoteca-CUDI, comprising technical training, repository migration, adaptation and development of mobile devices to enrich user experience functionalities.

Tecnalia Research & Innovation Foundation asked us to create its Repository of Research results, Tecnalia Publications, including design, installation and configuration of  DSpace version 4.

Universidad de la Sabana´s institutional repository provides services to the university’s researchers, students and the academic community of this prestigious Colombian University. Arvo Consultores has helped the institution upgrade their repository to Dspace 4.2.  

DSpace UCREA, repository mantained by the Universidad de Cantabria library, fulfill the functionalities of repository for the academic and researching environment, with the purpose of preserving and divulge the scientific production generated from this institution, in the form of articles, congress documentation, reseaching projects, doctoral thesis, learning objects of the different Grades and Masters, ...

The  Institutional Repository Arias Montano collects the scientific and educational production from the University of Huelva, as well as from those institutions with which this University has established arrangements to raise visibility and guarantee its preservation in digital format. For the Library of the University of Huelva we did the migration of its Repository (in version 1.6) to version 4 of DSpace, applying the patches and the necessary updating about that version, as well as a series of additional settings of the functionality and operatiive of the Repository once the migration was done.

The “Karl C. Parrish” Library from the Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia, requested us about the implementation of extended functionalities of visualization of digital objects for the Manglar digital repository, and other additional DSpace instances, such as Hector Rojas Herazo Digital Library.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Regional Governments through the respective Offices, manages REDINED, Database of Educative Information, containing researching, innovations, resources and journals from the national and international environment. With around 90.000 records nowadays, REDINED is the second Spanish DSpace repository taking into account the number of items (world ranking 21st position) as well as one of the major repositories of educative material in the world.


The Oceanographic Spanish Institute, Instituto Español de Oceanografía, stores in e-IEO the research production of this Public Researching Organism (OPI) dedicated to the researching of sea sciences, especially what concerns to the oceanic scientific knowledge, the sustainability of fishing resources and the marine environment.