We can transfer all the content of the existing systems to DSpace, with the purpose of having a repository launching that provides from the very beginning a net value to the  users.

We perform a complete data profiling, with specific tools of Data Analysis, obtaining a precise image of the potential migration problems, in aspects such as descriptive metadata, considerations about preservation, existing formats, etc.

  • The process of migration is highly flexible, the usage of tools are adapted to the client for the extraction of contents from other platforms.
  • The possibility of making additional processes of data cleansing, previous to the ingest in DSpace, through particularized business rules.
  • Transformation and validation of metadata, DublinCore, RDF, MARC, Refworks, METS, ETD, among others.
  • Incorporation of specific requirements from the client in the process of extraction, conversion and ingesting of contents to DSpace.