Whether you are thinking about implementing DSpace in your organization, or if you already have an installation fully operative, we provide a full spectrum of services designed to satisfy your needs. Thanks to our professionals we can help you obtain the maximum value from DSpace very quickly.

An effective and efficient integration of the DSpace system in the organization, interacting with the rest of the systems, is critical. Our experience in the strategic planning, the analysis of its specific requirements, the design of a solution adapted to those requirements, the implementation and support of Digital Repositories, are the best guarantee of success for your project.
When you need a personalized solution that would help you obtain the differentiation of your DSpace, our team of experts can assist you.
We are participating actively in the users and developers community of DSpace, with multiple code contributions, acting like DSpace Ambassadors of the DSpace organization in Spain.
We are Dspace Registered Service Provider, for which we are in condition to offer a professional implementation and guarantee the compliance of the goals set out.