Digital Repository solutions require the implication of diverse stakeholders, such as librarians, computer experts, academic and research departments, institutional marketing, matched all of them with support from the highest institutional level. Therefore,  it is necessary to consider in a holistic way all the aspects of the process of the implementation, start-up and support.

In our methodology the strategic focus is the key,  done in the initial phases of the Repository implementation, balancing adequately the objectives of the multiple involved parties in the institutional repository.

  • Our expert services will guide you through the process of the Repository framework definition.
  • Evaluation and priority of necessities.
  • Development of a high level vision of the Institutional Repository.
  • Stakeholders analisys and key factors of the implementation.
  • Detailed planning of the project as well as sustainability and costs model.
  • Consideration of the relevant aspects of intelectual propriety.
  • Design of policies to manage contents aggrgation, its distribution and maintenance.
  • Communication and broadcasting policies.