We supply full solutions that cover all the required necessities in the complex cycle of installation and implementation of the repository, from the installation of the basic software or the integration with the actual elements in the Organization infrastructure, up to the adjustment of the procedures or a sustainable operative without errors.


  • Installations. Technological actuations for the correct deployment of DSpace, together with any other required software, for the functioning of the Repository in the existing infrastructure.

  • Outsourcing of DSpace solutions in virtualized environments belonging to cloud-services providers of quality and contrasted experienced, with elements of infrastructure redundancy and premium service levels.

  • Integration with authentication systems. Integration with the identification systems of the institution (LDAP, Active Directory, PAPI, etc.) with the purpose of connecting and facilitate users-dentification with the authorization and permissions system  of DSpace.

  • Add-ons installation and configuration of any class of Dspace extensions, as OAI-extended, statistics, language packs, extended viewers, etc... that offer additional functionality to DSpace.

  • Corrective code. Application of patches to identified problems of DSpace, migration of versions and development of specific code.

  • Monitoring. Following and periodical support of system files, statistics of usage and other parameters, to be able to identify the problems immediately before they get worse.

  • Sustainability. Implementation and revisión of the adjustements and parameters of the periodic jobs and backups of DSpace, including the filesystem and the databases , as well as the assistence in the restauration of contents in case there were loss or unavailability of the DSpace platform.